Managed Services Summit Why should you attend?

NOW CELEBRATING its 7th year, the Managed Services Summit Benelux (formerly MSS Europe) is now firmly anchored as the leading managed services event for the European IT channel. The event features conference session presentations by specialists in the sector and leading independent industry speakers from the region, as well as a range of sessions exploring technical and operational issues. Of course, the panel discussions and keynotes are held together by extensive networking time for delegates to meet with potential business partners. The Managed Services Summit Benelux 2024 is a C-suite event that will examine the latest trends and developments in managed services over the last year, and how they have influenced customer requirements and the ability to create value through managed services for your organisation and customers.

The Managed Services Summit is series of executive-level events, so you know you’ll be among the best in the sector, and those featured will explore the latest trends and developments, evolving customer requirements and how to create value through managed services – both for your own organisation and your customers


Industry Insights

Presentations will cover the latest trends, evolving customer requirements, and strategies for creating value through managed services.



Attend a range of sessions led by leading specialists in the field, focusing on technical, sales, and business-related topics.



Connect with professionals in the IT channel, including senior decision makers and industry leaders.



Engage in discussions, debates, and collaborations with event sponsors and peers across the industry.


MSS London

11th September 2024, London

MSS Nordics

1st October 2024, Stockholm

MSS Manchester

19th November 2024, Manchester

Meet our 2023 Event Speakers

Will Garside

IT Europa

Will Garside

IT Europa

Will specialises in writing and presenting – producing a huge range of content, ranging from thought-leadership articles to white papers. He started his career as a computer engineer before becoming one of the first producers on Sky TV’s primetime technology show “The Computer Channel” – alongside also covering mainstream business and technology news. He then worked as a product reviewer and technical writer for IT Network before going to Computer Weekly to cover security, telecoms and networking. He worked for several large technology brands including Microsoft and EMC as a technical writer and media consultant and was also the editor at International Broadcast Engineer – a role that saw him deliver a huge number of detailed analysis pieces on emerging video experiences. He has also written a number of books including tech guides for Which? and several "Dummies" guides on topics including big data and storage.

Will is also a highly experienced event moderator, managing content and panels at both the IBC and NAB shows for the last 10 years.


Wiebe Wakker

Plug Me In

Wiebe Wakker

Plug Me In

Wiebe Wakker is a Dutchman born in December 1986 who embarked on an epic journey on March 15, 2016, driving his fully-electric "Blue Bandit" from Amsterdam to Sydney. With no money in his pocket, it was a daunting challenge to traverse 33 countries and cover a total of 95,000 kilometers without stopping at a fuel station.

Wiebe's journey is a testament to the power of determination, the kindness of strangers, and the potential of sustainable mobility. His goal was to prove the viability of sustainable mobility and inspire people around the world to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. To achieve this, he reached out to his followers on, a website where people could offer him a place to sleep, a meal, or a charge-up for his car. Thousands of strangers signed up and the responses determined his route, which took him from Amsterdam to Italy and back to the North Cape, through Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia.

The journey was not without its challenges. In India, the charger of his car exploded, and Wiebe was left stranded. However, he never gave up, and his followers and helpful locals came to his aid throughout his journey. Sheiks in Dubai took care of him, he met a famous prince in Malaysia, and he became a celebrity in Indonesia, even appearing in the tabloids.

After 1,119 days, Wiebe finally reached Sydney, making it the longest journey in an electric car. His experiences are still fresh in his memory, and he now shares his story with audiences as a speaker. Wiebe's presentation highlights what motivated him to undertake this incredible adventure and how he persevered through the many challenges he faced.

As a speaker he inspires, energizes, and challenges audiences to embrace change, deal with uncertainty, and achieve their goals. He shares insights on coping with crises and setbacks and encourages people to get out of their comfort zone. Wiebe also breaks through resistance to electric driving and inspires people to drive electric, promoting a more sustainable way of living.

In conclusion, Wiebe Wakker's journey is an inspiration to anyone who wishes to make a difference in the world. His message of sustainability, perseverance, and determination will continue to resonate with audiences for years to come. Whether you're looking for motivation to achieve your goals, embrace change, or drive electric, Wiebe's talks are sure to inspire, energize, and challenge you to live a more positive and sustainable life.

John Chapman

IT Europa

John Chapman

IT Europa

John is considered one of the foremost analysts, speakers and commentators on the trends in the IT industry. After a distinguished career spanning over 47 years at the heart of the IT industry, John has advised IT companies on strategies and direction, written feature articles for major IT publications and has spoken at and chaired events around Europe.

John’s in-depth experience running IT companies, launching new technologies and helping IT organisations maximise their business potential enables him to commentate with authority on a whole range of topics as well as deliver stimulating and thought-provoking presentations.

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